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Hey there fellow Influencers and Content Creators!

Looking for a way to build your career as an influencer? You’ve come to the right place!

Pharris Media  gives influencers like you amazing opportunities to collab with top notch brands and other creators. With us, you get to expand your network, be part of exciting partnerships, and grow your career as a paid influencer.

For more than a decade, we’ve been busy helping a wide range of brands partner with influencers to spread their messages far and wide. Now, we’re on the lookout for more content creators like you, who are passionate, talented, and ready to join us on this journey.

When you join the Pharris Media family, you’ll get exciting opportunities to promote brands and products that you love–all while getting paid (on time)!

What Sets Us Apart - Pharris Media’s Influencer Network

First of all, everyone on our team is an influencer themselves–we totally get it. We understand what you want and what you need to avoid the challenges that you’ve probably faced with influencer platforms and inexperienced clients. Our team is organized, experienced, and fun. We take the headaches away and work closely as a group, so our clients and our influencers are as happy as possible.

We are not just another influencer platform! We’re a tight-knit community of creators, marketers, and brand enthusiasts who love what we do, and who we do it with.

Influencers and creators of all sizes can join our influencer network.We work with up-and-coming Nano and Micro-Influencers, Mid-Tier andMacro-Influencers, and the big-time Mega-Influencers. Our goal is to match your style and audience with brands that jump-start your day, and get your followers engaged!

Join our Community - Apply to be an Influencer

When you join Pharris Media’s Influencer Network, you’re not just signing up for a list of campaigns, or clicking to apply for different projects. You’re becoming part of our vibrant community where digital creators, managers, agents, and brands all thrive together. We even have an exclusive Facebook group where you’ll connect with other influencers to collaborate, share industry insights, and build relationships.

Joining our influencer roster isn’t just about matching you with any brand. We value  authenticity and resonance above all. We want your sponsored content to feel like a seamless extension of your own creativity, and we’ll make sure it aligns perfectly with your audience and content calendar.

Our Promise to Creators

With Pharris Media, you’ll participate in campaigns that are designed for your success. We believe in making your life as easy as possible when working with us!

Communication is key, and we’re all about clarity. When you work with us, you get all the campaign details upfront, so you can decide which campaigns are right for you.. Once we’re on board together, we’ll send you everything you need: key message points, creative guidelines, client logos, photos, graphics, videos, URLs and UTM codes, product samples, a post-boosting budget, and more. We make sure you have everything you need to create content that totally engages your audience, and makes your brand partners happy.

Got questions? No worries! We’re here almost 24/7 to provide answers and support. We know that your time is valuable, and we appreciate your dedication to creating the best content possible.

Influencer Perks - We Got Your Back!

We know payment is the first thing on your mind–and we don’t blame you. As a fellow “small” business and as influencers ourselves, we know how hard you work and we understand the importance of on-time payments.. That’s why we strive to pay our collaborators quickly:we need your help, and we value your dedication to creating high-quality content! By joining Pharris Media’s Influencer Network, you will:
  • Be part of a thriving influencer agency that shares success with brands from all over the US
  • Discover tons of sponsored content opportunities ready for the taking
  • Learn how boost your reach, impressions, and social engagement
  • Gain and understanding of industry trends, stats, and government compliance requirements
  • Connect with other successful creators and influencers
  • Be part of a safe, collaborative, and active private group for influencers to share ideas and the keys to success
  • And so much more!
Ready to join the Pharris Media community? Let’s create amazing content together. Join now by applying to be an influencer!

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