Client Testimonials

Our clients consistently hail us as the best influencer marketing agency they've ever worked with. Our passion and consistency has earned us a reputation as one of the most sought-after influencer agencies in the game. It's all attributable to our strong client relationships, respect from influencers and creators, experience, and our unique full-service capabilities.

What Our Clients Say


“USIM has worked with Pharris Media to create and implement 17 full-service influencer marketing campaigns over the past few years. These campaigns have spanned a wide range of product categories, from CPG to restaurant chains, automotive to insurance companies, tourism to dog food, and everything in between. Pharris Media has a brilliant process of developing strategies, finding the right influencers, managing influencer content creation and posting, and an unparalleled-results reporting program. Their proposals are very detailed, their contracts are exactly as proposed, and they always deliver excellent results on time and according to the budget. Simply stated, Pharris Media has been the best influencer marketing agency we have worked with.”
Eran Goren
President/Chief Digital Officer

Berline Advertising

“Pharris Media has an uncanny ability to identify, qualify, and recruit excellent influencers of every level. I’ve never seen another influencer agency that can pinpoint relevant influencers, not just on a DMA basis, but in even the smallest of cities within DMAs. Their strategies are spot-on. Their management of influencer content creation and posts is excellent. Their results reporting is among the best I have ever seen. Our team really enjoys working the Pharris Media team. They are professional, deliver exactly what was promised on time and on budget, and they are a lot of fun to work with.”
Michelle Horowitz, PhD


“We have worked with Pharris Media on several influencer campaigns for a leading automotive brand, and we continue to look for opportunities to present their capabilities to other clients – for good reason! When responding to our RFPs they provided excellent strategic and creative counsel to support our clients in ways we are set up to handle. They take the time to research the target audience, their use of social media, and the types of influencer posts that would be relevant and motivate engagement for that audience. They have an amazing and highly detailed process for finding, recruiting and managing influencers. Their understanding and management of government disclosure requirements and use of IP is unparalleled and enforced. They know how to balance influencer authenticity with brand messaging. And, they have an affable nature when working with our team, our clients, and the influencers. In our opinion they are the top influencer marketing agency to work with.”
Dan Kehn
Client Development Director
EventLink, LLC

Regan Group Marketing

“The Pharris Media Team is amazing! They always deliver on KPIs. They know how to pick the influencers who can quickly amplify a promotion, build awareness, and even participate in affiliate marketing programs. They have a keen ability to recruit influencers whose followers are massively engaged and will share brand content on their own social pages, which is amazing! You’ll love working with Pharris Media because they are professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and they always exceed our expectations and the expectations of our clients.”
Patti Regan
Founder & CEO
Regan Group Marketing and TRF Fulfillment

Culver Brand Design

“Patrick and his team at Pharris Media are an absolute delight to work with! With organizational skills that rival high-strung valedictorian and the work ethic of a puritanical blacksmith, we were confident from campaign conception to execution, that the brand values, target KPIs, and key communication points were always at the forefront. In each campaign, the process was strategically thought out, executed with diligent precision, and the result nothing short of spectacular.”
Ian Culver
Director of Client Services
Culver Brand Design

IMW Agency

“Thanks to Pharris Media, we were able to efficiently produce a quick turn-around, high-profile influencer campaign for a well-known restaurant chain. Everyone at the Pharris Media team was extremely timely and reactive to our needs during the entire process. From a proactive level, they were able to identify our goals and put into place terrific strategies and tactics that worked! The group of influencers they provided were all professional and delivered some amazing content, which we continue to use for our client’s social media and web campaigns. From our accounting department to our coordinators and our owners, our entire team was extremely impressed and very pleased with the influencer marketing campaigns Pharris Media done for us.”
Sonja Rei Farra
Account Manager
IMW Agency
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