Troon Companies, Inc.

Troon Companies is an industrial and commercial building construction company that specializes in insurance claims renovation projects. Pharris Media has been retained to assist the company in its $500-million expansion by forging strategic alliances, securing long-term customer representation contracts, acquiring complementary technologies, and facilitating multi-industry marketing programs.


Bernie.Ai is an artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology that was originally created to automate the consumer selection and engagement process of online dating websites. Pharris Media has been retained to facilitate negotiations with and other companies owned by IAC Applications in order to license Berni.Ai for integration into its current consumer offering. Pharris Media has also been retained to identify, create and ultimately implement a strategic sales programs for the application of Bernie.Ai in other markets sucha s digital advertising, corporate human resources and security.


Fix Development

Fix Development is a multi-unit housing development company that is building specialized apartment complexes for U.S. armed forces veterans and active duty families. The facilities are the first of their kinds and operate on-site physical therapy, behavioral counseling, and workforce placement services. Pharris Media has been retained to provide a range of services from strategic planning and marketing, to government relations, fundraising, and vendor negotiations.



EventLink is a leading experiential marketing agency that primarily services the automotive industry. Pharris Media has been retained to develop and implement a sales initiative to expand the company’s client base outside of the automotive industry and to assist in the management of certain projects for BMW, Chevrolet, General Motors Corporation, and others.


3 Tier Logic

3 Tier Logic is an advertising technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. Pharris Media was retained by the CEO and the Board of Directors to develop the company’s sales and marketing programs, to assist in the company’s successful reverse-merger program to become a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, to recruit and build a sales team, to identify large contract opportunities, and to close deals. Pharris Media prospected and closed the company’s single largest licensing deal with Fandango™ Rewards, prospected and closed the company’s largest single-project contract with Monster Beverage Company, and has delivered contracts with several other CPG companies and marketing agencies that has made Pharris Media the largest volume sales entity of 3 Tier Logic.


When the entrepreneurs who led the development of the Las Vegas Monorail realized there would be a $6.5-million shortfall in the revenue projections they needed to secure the AAA Bond Rating and Bond Insurance necessary to guarantee the $650-million bond funding for the project, they turned to Patrick Pharris, founder and CEO of Pharris Media, to identify ways to close the revenue gap. After studying the bond offering ridership projections and related materials, Pharris created an advertising revenue program he called Total Brand Immersion. Pharris co-authored an investment grade advertising revenue study demonstrating that if ridership projections were accurate and if the casino resorts of the Las Vegas Resort Corridor participated in the sales and marketing efforts of the public transit system as planned, then the advertising program could realistically close the revenue gap. Pharris was invited by Solomon Smith Barney to join the monorail’s bond financing road show team, to present the Total Brand Immersion advertising revenue program to bond raters, bond insurers, and bond buyers. Pharris accepted the invitation and later activated the advertising revenue program as the President of Promethean Partners, LLC, an advertising sales company created specifically for the sale of monorail advertising. Pharris eventually sold monorail advertising contracts totaling more than $80-million to Monster Beverage Company, General Motors, Paramount Pictures, Nextel, Bank of Nevada and several others. Pharris also created and implemented a media relations program featuring each of the sponsors, which generated more than 3-billion media impressions and was covered on all US television evening news programs, Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and hundreds of other daily newspapers and online publications.